27 Sep


Our area is full of trails, more or less jointed, in the middle of the wood, with the view of wonderful clearings.

Here below you can find a simple itinerary to walk with your family or, for loneliest people, for leaving the world back.

The aim is reach Lucciana, a small village on a hill composed by old houses all restructured.


Percorso MAPS



From Nerbona, go towards “LA CASINA”. At the sign “LA CASINA” take the path on your left.




After few meters, you will reach this red painted tree:



In this point you will find 2 paths. Take the one on your left and keep going straight, passing the water tower.




When you will arrive on the main road, turn right. Keep going straight and you will arrive to Lucciana.

To come back, you have 3 possibilities:


1. Come back from the way you came.



2. Go all around Lucciana village and keep going towards the main road (as the map above):

At the end of the long discent, at the roundabout take the second exit. Keep going on the main road until you will find on your left the way to come back to Nerbona.



3. Come back through nature immersed trails.

Arrived at Lucciana you will find a church.









Having the church in front of you, take the path on your left, where a sign indicates “CASA PANORAMICA”.









Go straight until you find an old cemetery.









Here you will find 2 ways: one on the right and one on the left. You can take the one you prefer. Both take on the same road.

Keeping on the right side, you will come back at the red painted tree, the same you found at the beginning.

From there, take the path on the right and you will come back to Nerbona.


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